Photography Tips For Pre Wedding Photo-Shoots!

A new and beautiful trend, of clicking a perfect portfolio for a couple before they actually tie the knot has come up. This trend has become popular not only because the memories are priceless but also because people are actually clicked in their natural atmosphere here. They don’t have to worry about being dressed to the nines, because the portrait photographer here makes an effort to capture the cute moments between a couple, using vivid imagination and photography skills.

Playing with light and color are a great way of getting the best pictures. Outdoor shoots with different props and funny poses are an ideal to make the couple have hearty laugh even years later.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas !

Props such as “Bride to be” “Groom to be” boards have been used to death, and you need to get innovative. Use Photoshop, create interesting and funny pictures, the whole point is to have a relaxed and fun shoot with the couple before they groom up and pose for their picture perfect family portraits where nothing can go wrong, nothing can look odd or gawky.

Perfect Wedding Photo

It is essential to make sure that you play the strengths of your subjects, bringing them into light, and hiding their weak points. This would help in developing pictures that are beautiful, full of grace and fully display the loving times of courtship, which is probably most dreamy and precious for most couples.


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