What Are the Different Types of Portraits?

Portrait photography is more than just photography. It is an art, which is acquired after years of hard work and practice. This is the reason why most of the people try to have them pictured only by a professional photographer based in Oakville. Portrayal photography is the only manner to capture the human emotions, the smile, the tear of joy and the real you in a picture. Various types of portrayals are there hence you can choose any of them according to your situation and requirement.

Some of the popular types of portrayal are:

·   Couple portraits: in the couple portrait pictures, you can see the relationship between two people. The professional captures the love between them, the bond and the feeling in the camera. It is very popular to have one after wedding ceremony by bride and bridegroom, which is cherished for the rest of their life.

·  Business portraits: these ones are popular for business events, promotional activities and websites. Mostly the business persons, executives and the corporate have them for their special occasions. The camera person has to be very particular about the pose, the clothing and the background while taking them. These are also termed as pose portrayals, individual portrayals and close up portrayals.

bussiness portrait

·   Family portraits: these are also known as group portrayals in which a large number of people gather. Such portrayals are perfect to capture special moments in the family and cherish them forever.

family photographes

These are just few of the long list of portrayals, which ranges just like the paintings. Capture your special moments in portrayals and keep them forever.


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