Some Best Ideas To Take Environmental Photography Portraits

Some of the best ideas for taking environmental photographs are:

Before getting started the photographer must be clear about the picture or the situation that he\she would like to describe to the viewers. The story must define the purpose. Being able to capture the desired environment in a frame is the first step.

Knowing the categories – Environmental photography can be of few types –

  • Fashion and editorial photography – often uses this technique to bring out a contrast. This is plain creative photography.
  • Travel and documentary photography – focuses on capturing the natural environment as it is. The subject is photographed in its natural surroundings to bring out the indigenous lifestyle of that particular area.


  • Festivals, fiestas and celebrations – here the people have fun and are involved in the moment although they are aware of the photographers being around, thus the natural environment can be beautifully captured.


  • Photographing children and organized excursions – the local environmental culture is captured with the surroundings and natural expressions of the people.
  1. Picking the perfect time of the day is necessary. Avoid when the sun is it at its peak position. Manipulating light is also very important.
  2. Underexpose the frame when using artificial light in less than ideal conditions.
  3. Embracing the environment is an unusual technique. Focusing on the subject and keeping the background at a shallow depth yet making the environment to which it belongs clear enough for the viewers to understand.
  4. Environment can be described in an out of focus shot, in a faceless picture, a slow or fast shot, in street portraits, at the zoo and even in rain drops. Thus, capture and convey.
  5. Approaching strangers and being a little aware of local culture is needed.
  6. Choosing the correct lens – telephoto or wide angle shot.
  7. Edit when required to bring out the best of the picture with color variations and tones.

One thought on “Some Best Ideas To Take Environmental Photography Portraits

  1. Your capture of the couple on the carousel was stellar. Perfect amount of motion, great color and composition! Very original, too!

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