Avoid Mistakes and Prevent the Family Photos from Going Wrong

Unless a photographer is lucky enough to get the best shot with every bit of it being perfect, family photos are always a big concern, they never seem to be correct. When flipping through the pages of the album and remembering the days gone by, would you like to cringe and feel disgusted about the only family picture. Thus, here are certain tips that one can keep in mind before saying cheese and going ready steady click!


  • As the shot is mostly wide, focus on proper spacing. Avoid leaving a lot of space among the members and be careful not to cut off heads from the top or bodies below.
  • Similar outfits should be discouraged: same color is ok but they must not be identical.
  • Avoid busy distracting backgrounds, as they tend to shift the attention from the subjects.
  • Head sprouts are not only embarrassing but they tend to make the picture look awful.
  • All sorts of camera issues should be resolved before hand or else everyone might lose patience and the best expression will be lost. Some issues are :-
  •  Low charged batteries.
  • Proper exposure to lights in the room.
  • Give time for the flash to recycle after the first shot.
  • Use flash on distant subjects
  • Be sure not to kill the atmosphere with harsh flash light.
  • Red-eyes should be avoided. Who would want a red eye in a picture?
    • Try not to shoot with wide angle lens, it often disfigures the subjects and makes them look bigger than they actually are. Switch to shooting with longer lens from a distance.
    • Shooting from too far away adding excess details to a picture is never a solution.
    • A level must be maintained by the photographer. The picture should not be taken from much height neither from a low base. It is a family picture not circus activity.
    • Focus manually for the best shot. Camera intelligent modes do not recognize emotions.
    • The subject issues that should be brought to notice by the photographer are :-
    • Reflection on glaring glasses
    • Lack of eye-contact and blinking
    • Mismatched couples and awkward poses

    Avoid waking the baby or wait till it gets full rest. Grumpy baby pictures shall be a contrast to the happy big family portraits.


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