How to Use Natural Sunlight to Natural Portraits

Natural lighting is a fun aspect to play with even when one is not sure what one is doing .In artificial lighting its difficult to get the pure vibe, which is  only possible in photos with natural lighting. Beautiful photos can be clicked using the stunning spectrum of colours created by the sun. There are a number of aspects to be considered while taking photos using natural light. It is not sensible to go out and start clicking photos at any time .

portraits by Mina
At times natural light can be tricky too, so one may have to play around with the camera settings to get the exact lighting one is looking for. To get the best result one needs to try out different ways of using natural light .The most important aspect of natural lighting photography is to relate the time with the direction of the shadow in the photo. Shadows from natural light can alone make a photo look stunning or awkward. For example if you take a Passport photo of a man standing with the sun coming directly from above his head. his chin and neck would appear to be in line and he would appear like a goat , this is awkward. Whereas if a girl is clicked at the time the sun was setting, the natural light would be golden at this time, giving her a glowing look. Different moods can be created by shadowing in natural light. A heavy dark mood can be depicted by heavy shadowing.

Photos with higher contrast will bring out more details in a subject or scene.. Pictures taken on cloudy days have much less contrast than those taken on a sunny day. Similarly when pictures taken in shady areas on a clear day will have the same light qualities as those taken on a cloudy day.
An hour or two after sun rise and before sun set ,are called the golden hours with warm and yellowish tones. And also the light is not as harsh or hard as it would be during the day .As the sun is near the horizon the shadows are long and not sharp and hard as produced by the over head sun.

It is not possible to change the quality and intensity of natural light, but by knowing the different techniques of utilizing the natural light one can create the picture according to ones requirement.


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